Pluteus is a smart lockers company, we provide a secure, fast and easy to use platform for storing your belongings whenever you need it. Going to the club, the beach, a park? Don't worry about your documents and jewelry getting stolen, with Pluteus you are a tap away from enjoying your activities care free. We offer an automatic and user friendly deposit service accessible by smartphone, allowing our customers to enjoy their time without worrying about their valuables.


We provide top of the line locks manufactured by ISEO, with marine grade IP66 certification. Your valuables will always be safe in a Pluteus

Unlock by Smartphone

Every cell in a Pluteus is cloud enabled, so you can unlock in seconds. You just need your fingerprint. Securing your valuables has never been easier.

Time tracking

With Pluteus you only pay what you use, just start renting and stop whenever you feel like it. No deadlines, no worries.


Unlocking Pluteus has never been easier, don't want to waste precious mobile data downloading an app? Just chat with our lockers on Facebook or Telegram


Do you want to leave your smartphone in the locker? We've got you covered. Just pick up a Pluteus Bracelet, start your rental with the app, finish it with your wrist

Expanding Locations

Pluteus Pass holders can enjoy deposit service at multiple locations, all from the same account. Our goal is to offer deposit service in as many locations as we can, to ensure the best possible user experience for our customers.

Pluteus means shelf in latin, a language that symbolizes our Italian heritage. This is our philosophy

"Ad Astra per Aspera."